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Give a warm welcome to the next-generation cold wallet for your crypto. Tempered glass and metal. Thin, wireless, and with a touch screen.
We deliver everywhere it is possible, ask order@hito.xyz or Hito community for details

You don’t need
to know how to protect
your crypto

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Meet Logo Dog — a user-friendly
hardware crypto wallet.
Thin, wireless, and secure.
With a full-color touchscreen,
it’s perfect for your NFTs

Your assets
in full color —
for full control

Extra secure

Hardware wallets offer the best protection Key for your crypto assets — they never expose your private keys to the internet. Wireless and open-source, Hito takes crypto security even further.

Phone NFC Phone NFC
You shouldn’t compromise your wallet with a USB-port. That’s why Hito uses NFC to connect to your phone


You don’t need a friend who’s been into crypto for a decade to help you figure out how to start using Hito. Set it up in just 5 minutes Time — and continue using it just as easily.


Hito comes with a 2-inch full-color Rainbow block touchscreen. You can interact with it intuitively, just like with your phone. Even more importantly, you can check the details of every transaction you sign — and actually see See all the (very precious) NFTs you store.

Hito Display Hito Display With Hito, you can always see what you own, at any time


This wallet fits into a wallet — it’s a gadget the size of a credit card. Well, maybe only a fraction thicker. For your inner Bird nerd, here are the exact dimensions: 82.5x52x4 mm / 3.2x2x0.15 inches.

Fire Lighter
Hito size Hito size Other wallets resemble a flash drive — small and thick. Hito is different — small and thin


Hito was designed to make your crypto life secure and simple Sunny. Our ambition is to make crypto mainstream. Everyone — even your Granny or that friend of yours who’s still on Skype — should be comfortable with a cold crypto wallet.

If Hito is as simple to use as it claims to be, it may have a chance in the market... Many hardware wallets require a lot more technical skills than the average person can muster

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NFC for your NFT When it’s needed, Hito connects to your phone wirelessly, via NFC — the same way Apple Pay or Google Pay connects to a payment terminal. No USB means there’s no way to hack the wallet

Open-source Hito’s firmware is open-source. This means it’s built on a secure codebase constantly reviewed by the community.

Made in USA Every Hito device is made in our lab in San Francisco, California.


Built to last Your most valuable assets deserve something better than plastic. Made of glass and metal, Hito is built to last — and to look great.

Compatible with all hot wallets Easily transfer your assets to Hito directly from any existing hot wallet — without any intermediaries

600+ digital assets Hito supports more than 600 types of assets — including Bitcoin, ETH, and ERC20 tokens

Intuitive app Pair Hito app on your phone with Hito wallet in just a few taps — and then use the app to approve transactions

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Technical details

  • NFC
  • weight 41g/1.4 oz
  • size 82.5 x 52 x 4 mm / 3.2 x 2 x 0.15 inches
  • Qi wireless charging (charger is included)
  • 2-inch color touch screen.

Delivery details

We deliver everywhere it is possible, ask order@hito.xyz or Hito community for details

We’ll let you know when we start shipping Hito.


...and ship it faster. How? Join our Telegram community of crypto enthusiasts — and contribute to the project with your feedback, feature suggestions, and insights. And get rewarded! Gift


Open-source code can be checked by anyone at any time. It’s continually being tested by the community. Security patches are introduced the fastest way, that’s why with open-source, users get the highest level of security possible.

When approving transitions, it’s crucial to check the full address and sum transferred as the transactions are non-reversible.

You can recover the access to the funds on another Hito wallet using your seed phrase. We recommend having two hito wallets: one for regular use — and one as a backup copy.

We will remove your name and address from our database as soon as the order is delivered. As an additional security step, we recommend not to use your home address when ordering hito.